Client’s vision:

To provide a web-based scalable and flexible ERP Solution

What was needed:

The solution needed to be built from the ground up replacing the old desktop-based client-server application.


What we did:

Since the ERP is a rich domain, following Domain-Driven Design and CQRS, the iMORPHr team developed multiple bounded contexts, one for each module. The modules were developed as microservices and integrated using event-driven architecture.

By splitting the whole monolith ERP application into multiple bounded contexts, the team delivered and integrated the entire solution over time with minimal disruption to the business.


C#, F#, ASP.NET, PostgreSQL, Spec flow, Docker, Azure, Marten, Document Store and Event Store, Javascript, Angular Js, Jasmin


Project Details

  • Name : 123 Insight
  • Location : Southampton
  • Website : www.123insight.com